Verses of the Week

  • Psalm 145:18 "The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth."
  • Psalm 146:2 "While I live I will praise the Lord; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being."
  • John 14:21 "He who has my commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be love by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him."

Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Wonderful Week!

Before you read any further, I will tell you... this is for me. I just want an online journal so I can recall the days later. It's important to me since I forget little things so easily. It's not the most interesting thing though, if you're not Me. hee, hee.
This week was full of fun little treasures...
Monday- Kamri swam in her little pool, fed the goats and we played puzzles with Elmo and Cookie Monster, and did our grocery shopping for the week.

Tuesday- As usual now we stop through at Shipley's and get donut holes for on the way to school. I know it's not healthy, but she doesn't eat but a few and it really helps her to get dressed faster (yes, bribery!) And at MDO Kamri had a substitute teacher and I thought "oh great here we go again with the crying stage" but to my surprise and great joy, kamri was a Big Girl all day! Yeah... I love it when she runs up to me after school, hugs me soooo tight, and says "Mommy, I didn't cried today. I had a good day!"
Later we got to call my 1st niece Kaylee to wish her Happy 9th Birthday! Happy Birthday Kaylee! You're a sweetie!

Wednesday- We ran to the grocery store for the few things we forgot Monday, then went to see my friend who had her second baby. Sooo cute. I held her for 2 hours... I forgot how sore your arms get holding a baby for so long. Kamri got to play with the big brother Blaine too. Then when we left, we saw a pumpkin patch on the way back home, so we stopped. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! Kamri loved walking through and touching all the pumpkins and then she picked one to buy! She then had a good nap and I got to read my bible a great prayer time while she slept. Then to church. She had a good time in class! However, in the hallway after church she got wiped out, I mean totally knocked over by a lady who just didn't see her. It must be tough to be short! She was shaken up but ok.

Thursday- So when we were off to MDO, we sat on the road in one spot for literally 15 minutes. The construction crew decided to pour the road concrete at school time! As Kamri and I sat in the car singing our songs as usual, I couldn't help but laugh at several people... One was the lady in the van in front of us. She just kept throwing her arms up in the air as if to tell the policeman (who was directing traffic) "Let US go now!" I just let her gripe for us too! The other person I was laughing "with" was the little girl on the corner... there was a whole posse of kids waiting for their bus right where we were stopped. One girl was just dancin' away! It was like she could hear our music because her beat was matching up... even though our windows were up, just coincidince. This was no ordinary dancing. She was about 10 years old all decked out for school that day and she was definitely a bold personality. She scooted off the corner onto the street as if to dare the cop to tell her to scoot back. Just about that time one of the moms that was waiting there motioned for her to come back and she slowly, to her own drum, be-bopped back onto the corner... what a hoot and great entertainment for me! Did I mention that she had a bluejean skirt with sequins, a headband and a FRO sticking up about 5 inches every direction on her head??? That made it even better....Hee, hee...

Later after Kamri's nap, she got to draw on her pumpkin and give him a face (sort of ). So adorable! And I got to write out some of her Birthday invitations while she played in the pool. Any advise: every time she gets in the pool, she stands there legs apart looking down and just lets out her potty. Well yesterday the painters happened to be outside taking a break on our back porch... I quickly turned my head and looked at our dogs as if I didn't even know she did it. How do you break a (almost 3) year old of this habit?!?!

Friday- Whew, can't believe it's Friday! We went to Reliant Park with mom and meme to buy tickets for Disney on Ice, Nemo. It is a birthday present from mom (memaw) to Kamri and we'll go 2 days before her 3rd birthday! Got my oil changed... now my car won't beep at me! And made a couple of store stops on the way back.... I had 3 more pallets of grass delivered so we can have a complete yard by the time of K's birthday party coming up!
Meme and Memaw sat on the back porch for a while with me when we got back and watched Kamri swim. I noticed there was a froggie swimming with Kamri and then it was on.... My meme is the biggest prankster ever, so off she went chasing Kamri all over the yard acting like she had the frog! Oh if I had only had my camera ready! mom and I were bent double watching meme and Kamri dump water on each other and then, when Kamri heard meme say, "the frog's on your back" it was the fastest change of emotion on her face I think I have ever seen. She went from elation in a full sprint to a dead stop and straight face and said, 'what, where's the frog, meme?" it was not a game at that point. then quickly the games continued! what a blessing for her to have her grandma and great grandma playing with her in her back yard!
When daddy got home, the fun continued. Pat and I had to shovel a huge pile of sand around our yard where we will lay some more grass tomorrow. So Kamri was queen of the sand pile and covered in it till the mosquitoes got too bad and we called it a night. Now she's sleeping like a rock.

We've had a great week and tomorrow Pat has a few guys coming to help him spread out the grass and move his shed then we have a birthday party for my sister in law tomorrow night. And church on Sunday! I didn't mention Pat a lot because we don't see him these days until night time usually. But I am thankful that we have had a few nights of just sitting and talking together. Last week was our Marriage seminar at church and it really helped me to get back to focus on what is important in our relationship. Great speaker- David Yasko!